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Specimens is and always will be free. There are no plans to monetize the website, including paywalls, ads, etc. With that said, everyone needs money and I'm no exception. Therefore, any donations are much appreciated. Again, I stress that this is completely optional -- Specimens will not be abandoned, shut down, or locked behind a paywall if I don't get "enough" donations.

For each donation milestone reached, I will release an additional bonus interlude. Donators can request a specific topic, character, etc for the bonus interlude, but the final decision will be mine. I won't choose a character I was already going to do. Bonus interludes are something extra and the story will be fine without them -- but if you're curious about a particular character, this is a chance to feed that curiosity.

The current donation tracker is: 0 out of $5

Please note: the tracker does not automatically update, so it may take a little while (around a day) for your contribution to show up. Leave a comment or send me an email if you want to make sure I got your donation.

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